Skype For Asterisk Update

Well, it has been nearly six months since the announcement of Skype For Asterisk at AstriCon, so it is high time for an update.  So far we’ve been through several rounds of code with a very small pilot group.  The results are encouraging – since that initial demo call on stage at AstriCon, we’ve logged tens of thousands of hours of Skype-To-Asterisk communication.  We’ve also learned a lot about the art of connecting Asterisk with the Skype global network.  We continue to see a great deal of interest in this product (over 3,000 applications and counting) and we appreciate the Continued

The Asterisk S-Prize: 10000 Call Legs, 1 Instance

Asterisk is becoming more and more a choice for larger installations, both in Enterprise as well as Carrier environments.  While SMB (small/medium business) continues to be the heart of the user base, it seems that many of the questions on the minds of the user and developer community have to do with scale, redundancy, and configuration issues which are relevant to larger installations.

To encourage the improvement and testing of larger-scale Asterisk systems, I’d like to repeat here what I mentioned today on the asterisk-dev mailing list:  I’m putting out a semi-official challenge in place.  The first person to get … Continued

Just the Fax, ma’am


Long time no blog, for me anyway. It’s nice to speak to everyone again. :)

I’m blogging, because today I am a solicitor – not in the legal sense, thank you. I’m soliciting testers for a new Asterisk fax product. This fax product improves upon existing Asterisk fax products by offering better multi-page performance with fewer failures, better compatibility with older fax machines, and lower bit-error rates in noisy environments.


  1. High Degree of familiarity with Asterisk dialplan construction.
  2. Time to test. We need people that can hop to it, and test quickly.
  3. Ability to devote a server and some

Digium G.729 codec module updated and new performance testing tool released

We are pleased to announce a major new release of the Digium G.729 codec module for Asterisk. This release incorporates a number of changes, and in addition, includes a new performance testing tool which will make it easier for users to choose the best ‘flavor’ of the module for the particular system they are installing it on.

The changes are:

– Version Numbering

The module’s version numbering is now more in line with our other products; the numbers will be in the form ‘X.Y.Z_A.B.C’, with the ‘X.Y.Z’ component representing the version of Asterisk the module is intended to operate in, … Continued