Right Place : Right Time

Being at the right place at the right time can either be the result of visionary foresight and meticulous planning – or a fortuitous turn of events. If you live in Miami, then you are the beneficiary of a fortuitous turn of events given that IT Expo/ Digium Asterisk World is being held in your fair city beginning next Monday. For the rest of us, given that half the country is currently being blanketed by ice and snow, a little meticulous planning to make our way to sunny south Florida for the show seems very worthwhile. Plus, who could object … Continued

Growing Sales in a Tough Economy

Many years ago, I accepted a sales position which required me to relocate from Chicago IL to Dallas TX. As a frequent traveler, I had a relationship with a trusted travel agent in Chicago who I continued to use when I relocated to Dallas. I often flew on American Airlines, and my travel agent helped me choose the right American flights to keep me on time and within budget. A few months into the new job, my company decided that all travel would be coordinated through a new travel agency who was selected to reduce costs. The new travel agent … Continued

Paris is for Lovers, Miami is for Switchvox

If you’re planning to travel, you can usually find a guidebook tailored for your specific interests- Hawaii for cyclists, Panama for foodies, and China for art lovers. Well, think of this post as your guide to Digium Asterisk World for Switchvoxers…er Switchvoxites, Switchvoxists?….Well, you get the idea- if you’re looking to learn all you can about Digium’s award winning line of Switchvox phone systems for small and medium businesses, here are the sessions and events you’ll definitely not want to miss!

  1. Take a Switchvox Training Course – Tuesday, Feb 3, from 8:30am-5:00pm with a break for lunch, you can learn

DAW Countdown: 12 days to content!

As hopefully everyone knows, there is an upcoming Digium/Asterisk World that will be at the ITEXPO show starting on February 2nd in Miami.  What will be happening?  Lots!  We have a great line-up of speakers across the three days.  With a single track each day, it’s a bit less intense than Astricon but has a wider range of offerings from the rest of the ITEXPO show and conference.

I’ve been helping with the line-up of speakers, and I think we’ve got some great topics on tap for the conference from both the business and technical camps.  Here’s a quick sample … Continued

How to be a successful Asterisk consultant

The message below is a snippet from a conversation on the asterisk-dev mailing list, which I think might be useful outside that limited audience.  The topic was (generally): “What does it take to be a successful consultant working with Asterisk?” and below are my ideas.  For a more complete discussion, see this thread.

There are, I believe, three components to successful consulting with Asterisk:


There is no substitute for experience.  Experience teaches you a set of solutions for particular problems, and the process of experience is to move from “not knowing” to “knowing” via being presented with a problem … Continued