AsteriskNOW 1.5 Beta Available, More Coming Soon

Last month at AstriCon we announced the upcoming launch of AsteriskNOW 1.5, a new version of Digium’s  award winning software appliance that incorporates the FreePBX graphical user interface.  Today I’m very pleased to announce that the first beta release of AN1.5 is available on

For those of you not familiar with the product, AsteriskNOW is a free Linux install image (.iso file) that reduces the process of building an Asterisk-based system to “burn, boot and run”.  Simply download the .iso image, burn it to a CD, drop the CD into your soon-to-be Asterisk computer and boot.  The integrated … Continued

Wrapping OTTS at Digium HQ in Huntsville

It’s been fun having the Open Telephony Training Seminar here at Digium headquarters. Thanks to Phillipe, Tony, and Ethan for a power-packed week of training on FreePBX. If you haven’t seen the things these guys do with their Aastra phones, XML apps, and the Lumenvox-powered Magic Button, you should catch the next OTTS. And that’s just the gravy: much of the week is spent in the meat of FreePBX, leaving students with a strong understanding of this flexible, hackable GUI for Asterisk and what it’s doing under the hood.

Here’s a photo from earlier today, with Tony talking … Continued

Economic Meltdown – Friend or Foe of Open Source

I considered looking at my retirement account balances today, but with the sinking feeling I got the last time I did this, I elected not to subject myself to that torture today. We are truly in the midst of a financial market meltdown of unprecedented proportion. The road kill became clearly visible here in Huntsville, AL on Monday with the sell of Wachovia, which had previously acquired Southtrust Bank – a bank with a broad investor base in the state whose linage can be traced back to its founding in Birmingham, AL in 1887. Many Alabamians watched in horror as … Continued

Digium Releases New Analog Board, AEX410


Today, Digium announces the immediate availability of the AEX410. The AEX410 is a four-port modular analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. This product is a PCI-Express compliment to Digium’s existing PCI-based TDM410 product. The AEX410 provides connectivity, via analog station (FXS) and trunk (FXO) modules to POTS. It may be connected to the PSTN, to other PBXs, or to analog handset devices with those modules. Optional DSP-based 128ms line echo cancellation for the AEX410 is provided by Digium’s VPMADT032 G.168 module.

Keep reading for more information:… Continued

Welcome to Astricon!

It’s great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the attendees of this year’s Astricon here in Phoenix. The outside temperature, which is approaching 100 degrees, is an apt metaphor for how the open source IP telephony market is heating up. Looking around at the conference I’m struck by just how broad a spectrum of attendees Astricon draws in terms of interests, skills, projects, application ideas, business models, native languages, etc. And the personalities of the attendees are diverse too – bald heads to pony tails, penny loafers to flip flops, t-shirts to button-downs, geeks to business owners (sometimes both), … Continued