Introducing our New Company Logo!

One of the goals of the marketing department is to improve and increase Digium’s brand awareness. Guiding principles we’ve kept in mind as we’ve thought about our brands are the need to focus on a few and then to promote them consistently over time.

We know that some people are confused about our two major brands: Digium and Asterisk. Our old logo combined Digium (the company) and Asterisk (the project). However, we’ve been evolving and expanding our product lines, and we need to transition to a new company logo that will support those new product lines.

Also, we’re best known for Asterisk, but many people don’t know that Asterisk is a Digium sponsored project. Digium’s company goals are to sell business phone systems and to be the sponsor and maintainer of Asterisk and the community. Therefore, it makes sense for us to promote Digium as our number one brand while maintaining awareness of Asterisk.

Starting today, we’re rolling out a new branding program that includes the company logo you see here. The Asterisk logo and the bubble logo will not change and we will begin to retire the Digium|Asterisk logo.

When you visit our website, come to our booth at trade shows, see boxes of our products or work with our resellers, you’ll likely notice our new look. We’re excited about the changes and hope that you agree that it presents a more current, unified view of our company.

About the author

Leslie Conway joined Digium in June of 2008 as Vice President of Global Marketing. Conway is responsible for setting world-wide marketing strategy and executing corporate, product and channel marketing activities to position Digium as a visionary leader in open source communications and IP telephony. Conway has more than 20 years experience in technology marketing and channel development. For the past 17 years she worked at ADTRAN, a networking and telecommunications company, where she most recently served as Vice President of Global Marketing responsible for corporate, product and channel marketing as well as pre-sales technical support and training. Additionally, Conway served in senior positions responsible for product marketing, product management and distribution sales. Prior to joining ADTRAN, Conway worked as a product manager at Intergraph Corporation and as a design engineer for General Electric. Conway holds a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, a master's degree in management and a master's degree in business administration from Florida Tech.

9 Responses to “Introducing our New Company Logo!”

  1. pbxware

    Shall every Digium distributor/reseller change the logo for Digium on his site? :-)

  2. Eric Atkins

    I’m digging the new logo!

  3. Leslie


    We are currently finalizing guidelines on how to use the new logos and we will want all Digium partners including distributors and resellers to update the logos. We plan to send out a communication with complete details to all partners the first of the year. So stay tuned!

  4. karla

    How can I get the new logo in vetorial formats like .ai ( adobe ilustrator) or tiff format? We’d like to use the logo in our visit cards


  5. Leslie


    Our new logos will be available to Digium distributors, resellers, and integrators and can be accessed from our channel portal by Friday, January 23rd. If you have additional questions or specific needs, please contact

  6. Simon

    We have updated our site.

  7. Matty

    I like the new logo because of the typography. I especially like the shape of the g within the logos design.

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