Introducing our New Company Logo!

One of the goals of the marketing department is to improve and increase Digium’s brand awareness. Guiding principles we’ve kept in mind as we’ve thought about our brands are the need to focus on a few and then to promote them consistently over time.

We know that some people are confused about our two major brands: Digium and Asterisk. Our old logo combined Digium (the company) and Asterisk (the project). However, we’ve been evolving and expanding our product lines, and we need to transition to a new company logo that will support those new product lines.

Also, we’re best known … Continued

SIP Security and Asterisk

The folks at IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) have issued a warning about “vishing” (telephony identity fraud) and Asterisk.  The nature of the warning is extremely vague, and has left us guessing as to what the exact issue is that they reference and how Asterisk is involved.  Digium nor anyone else involved with OSS Asterisk to my knowledge has not been contacted by the FBI or the IC3 (a division of the FBI) on this topic, so much of what we know is speculation at this point.  Digium believes at this point that this warning was as a result of … Continued