Digium Releases New Analog Board, AEX410


Today, Digium announces the immediate availability of the AEX410. The AEX410 is a four-port modular analog PCI-Express x1 telephony interface card for use with Asterisk. This product is a PCI-Express compliment to Digium’s existing PCI-based TDM410 product. The AEX410 provides connectivity, via analog station (FXS) and trunk (FXO) modules to POTS. It may be connected to the PSTN, to other PBXs, or to analog handset devices with those modules. Optional DSP-based 128ms line echo cancellation for the AEX410 is provided by Digium’s VPMADT032 G.168 module.

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Welcome to Astricon!

It’s great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in the attendees of this year’s Astricon here in Phoenix. The outside temperature, which is approaching 100 degrees, is an apt metaphor for how the open source IP telephony market is heating up. Looking around at the conference I’m struck by just how broad a spectrum of attendees Astricon draws in terms of interests, skills, projects, application ideas, business models, native languages, etc. And the personalities of the attendees are diverse too – bald heads to pony tails, penny loafers to flip flops, t-shirts to button-downs, geeks to business owners (sometimes both), … Continued

The Ballad of Digium’s Trademark Policy

The Ballad of Digium’s Trademark Policy

(sung to the “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”- the theme song of “The Beverly Hillbillies”)

Come and listen to a story ’bout a trademark policy by Digium,
well meaning company didn’t like trademark abuses, just wanted to be rid of ‘em.
Then one day they were cracking down on Google Adwords,
And up through all of the user blogs a calamity was heard,
(Underestimate of Asterisk popularity that is! Fans! Adword policy changes! )

So, the next thing you know Digium’s found a whole new user group,
Calling Google daily to get them back … Continued

Astricon: More than just the sessions…

As perhaps you’ve gathered from the blogs posted here, Astricon is approaching its opening day with much fanfare and expectations.  Frantic preparations are almost complete, and everything is almost prepared for the opening day with only a few details left to polish up before the 23rd.

Much of my job with Digium is working with developers, users, and other community members who are interested in Asterisk.  They’re interested because Asterisk fulfills some personal interest, or more commonly some commercial need to solving a particular problem that exists in their business.   However, when talking about code I find that the conversation … Continued

Real-life Community

Simply speaking, common interest is the cord that holds together an open source community.  A common interest in solving a problem or addressing a need, a common interest in sharing ideas expressed as software, a common interest in collaborating with other sharp folks on tough problems.

Anyone can publish their software under an open source license, but in the presence of real-life community, something amazing happens. Once a critical mass of interest is reached, the collaboration grows on itself. Ideas are refined, code is critiqued, consensus is built for the best solution. Progress moves forward at a startling rate. A … Continued