Asterisk Myth Busters – Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of Asterisk Myth Busters. In this installment, we’ll investigate a common misconception regarding the Asterisk contributors’ license agreement.

MYTH: Digium requires code contributors to give away their rights.

Contributors to any open source, GPL-licensed project willingly grant specific rights, while maintaining copyright on their contribution. Digium, as the sponsor of the Asterisk, has required from the inception of the project that contributors to Asterisk sign the contributors’ license agreement a policy that is designed to ensure that Asterisk remains free of legal encumbrances. The purpose of this agreement is to clearly define the terms … Continued

Finding a dCAP on LinkedIn

If there’s one thing growing faster than the number of Digium-Certified Asterisk Professionals worldwide, it is the number of opportunities for their skills to be applied. Deep telephony integration requires Asterisk-savvy consultants. New voice-enabled applications call for the proven knowledge and experience of Asterisk developers. And while we don’t hear as many requests lately to “be the next Vonage,” there’s still no shortage of people with an idea, a budget, and a need to hire Asterisk professionals to help change the world.

dCAP Logo

Crowning a difficult written and practical examination, the dCAP Certification gives customers the confidence that they’re … Continued

Asterisk Myth Busters – Episode 1

Here at Digium, we’re big fans of the Discovery channel’s hit series, MythBusters, and its dynamic duo of co hosts, Adam & Jamie. On any given day at Digium you can overhear geeks discussing a favorite myth or the latest episode. “Plane on a conveyor belt” lasted for weeks, and will still spark up a heated discussion if you troll it past the right people.

Since joining Digium I’ve read or come face-to-face with a number misunderstandings regarding open source. Some are very general in nature while some are related specifically to Asterisk or Digium’s role in the Asterisk project … Continued

Thank You Pulver. On to Astricon!

Digium would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants and exhibitors from Digium Asterisk World (DAW) in Boston (October 2007) and San Jose (March 2008). We are excited in the growing interest in the Asterisk open source telephony software and look forward to seeing you all and more attendees at our next event! We at Digium believe our experiment with DAW was a tremendous success. We are committed to Astricon.

The Digium team enjoyed working with the Pulvermedia team and wish them all the best. Digium, however, will move forward by growing AstriCon, the original and only … Continued

Clearing the Air

Hello and greetings to the readers of our Digium blog!

Our commitment to our customers and resellers is to always provide factual and accurate information in support of making informed purchasing decisions. Yesterday afternoon, we received an e-mail from a reseller who themselves were the recipient of commentary, from a competitor, about our products. Given the level of misinformation in the original document, we felt compelled to set the record straight.

The points raised in the original document are in bold italics. Our responses to these points are in-line.

“The Switchvox support model has changed”

Correct, the Switchvox support model … Continued