Digium Relaxes Google AdWord Policy

Over the past week we have received a number of charged responses regarding the recent change in policy related to the use of Digium trademarked terms in Google AdWords. Some of the responses supported our attempts to better control the use of Digium trademarked terms. Some of the responses disagreed with the policy, but respected Digium’s right to have changed the policy. Others were from individuals who clearly were unhappy with the change and the process by which it was implemented. We have listened carefully to the feedback, and as a result are relaxing our Google AdWord policy.


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Digium says “More, More, More TC400!”


Another day, another update. This time, it’s for you, Digium TC400B customers. The TC400B is a card that performs onboard encoding and decoding of G.729a and G.723.1 audio and interacts with Asterisk. It’s useful for people that don’t want to be burning their CPUs using our software-basd G.729 codec, or for those that need G.723.1 – since we don’t offer a licensed software codec for that (the consortium fees are massive).

What’s the update?

It’s actually not one, but two updates. Hopefully this reminds you a little bit of my pevious post with its Ron Popeil references.

The … Continued

Digium Announces New E1/T1 and Analog Interface Cards


There’s actually so much excitement that I’m having to split this into two posts.  We’ll do the first one now, and the next one another day.

Today, Digium announces the immediate availability, subject to all of those Fedex planes making their schedules, of two new E1/T1 interface cards, the TE121 and the TE122, and a new analog interface card, the AEX2400.

What are these cards?

The TE121 and TE122 are an improvement over the older TE120P.

The AEX2400 is a PCI-Express compatible version of our twenty-four port analog PCI card, the TDM2400P.

What do you … Continued

2008 – The Year of the Asterisk Ecosystem?

Happy New Year Asterisk fans,

The New Year is typically the time for reminiscing on the past, and looking forward to the future. I’ll also soon be celebrating my 3rd anniversary of working at Digium. It’s hard to believe how quickly the company has “grown up”, now employing about 120 folks and sporting a modern, spacious new facility. I certainly don’t miss our cramped old offices and their third-hand furniture. But I do fondly recall some of the past traditions, like Mark walking down the hall yelling, “Who wants to go to lunch?” That doesn’t happen as often – … Continued