Digium AA50 Customers

Howdy Digium AA50 Customers,

We dropped software release onto the BE downloads portal Wednesday of last week, about 25 seconds before everyone left for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Ooh, so intriguing.  Let’s talk about what changed :D

First, you’ll notice those .bmp files in the downloads portal, those should be placed in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/phoneprov_configs directory on the unit.  You can wget or tftp them in or remove the CF and transfer them in.  With those in the proper location, your auto provisioning Polycom phones will now come up with the Digium|Asterisk logo.  Hooray!

Next, we fixed a bug with voicemail to … Continued

Mailing List Hyjinx

When Mark started Asterisk as an open source project, one of his first means of promotion and support was to begin a mailing list.  From that humble list grew a number of other lists:  -dev, -announce, -commits, -biz, and about a dozen others.  Of them, the most frequented is the -users list.

Head on over to the list archives.  What do you notice?  You see that there have been postings made for a date that doesn’t yet exist, May of 2016.  Wow, that’s a long time off.

“Whooptie Doo, Basil, what does it all mean?” – Austin Powers

It … Continued

Dude, Derision is So Sweet

I woke up on Saturday morning and did the usual

1) Feed the cat.  He’s hungry and he won’t quit meowing.

2) Hit the treadmill.  I need to lose a few pounds, and it’s the best way.

3) Make my Slimfast breakfast shake.  See #2.

4) Check the Internets for any news I might have missed Friday night.

Most of the time, I miss pretty pedestrian stuff.  Microsoft squashes another company, Google acquires another company, Apple releases another whizbang product…that sort of stuff.

Well, this time, I missed something different.  Google news linked to an article that reported:

“Sangoma Casts … Continued