I think; therefore, I nerd


As Product Manager for so many of the things that make your life easier, I want to spend most of my time talking about boards and appliances. But, if that’s all I talk about, then many of you are going to get pretty board, get it, especially those of you that want to hear about the things that are uniquely Digium. So, after a hiatus to think of things other than products, I’m back. :)

You’ve likely read the last couple of posts here and have seen a few pictures of the new building. But, you haven’t been inside it … Continued



Yes, it’s another products posting. :D

First up, all of you existing HPEC users out there should upgrade now, ahorra, to the newest release, 9.00.005.  For those of you that might have done your first HPEC install in the past 2 weeks, especially those of you that came by Astricon and got free keys, you’re fine – you’ve already got the latest build.  But, for those of you with an older build, you’ll really want to upgrade.


Because we fixed a bug, that’s why.

What kind of bug?

One that affected primarily 64-bit systems, but also impacted some 32-bit … Continued

AstriCon 2007: Confessions of a Digium booth worker

Well, another AstriCon has come and gone. This year’s Ast-rav-a-ganza in sunny Phoenix, AZ was another spectacle of Asterisk-based presentations and networking. It’s always exciting to me to meet members of the Asterisk community in person, especially ones whose bugtracker aliases or IRC nicks are well known to me. Matching faces to names/handles is always surprising in one way or another, but the added dimension of a real live person makes the connection seem more real somehow.

Most of my time at AstriCon this year was spent in our 10′ by 20′ booth. Besides handing out cool Digium gear like … Continued