Digivox or Switchium?

It’s an exciting day for Digium – today we announced the acquisition of Switchvox. And even though these two names were the winners of the straw poll here at Astricon today, we’re not really considering using either of them in the future. Josh Stephens and the guys in San Diego have done a great job of building a product that will help us bring Asterisk to the masses – not to mention they’re a talented and fun bunch with whom I’m really looking forward to working. This announcement represents a significant expansion of Digium’s commercial product strategy and has taken … Continued

Pimp your wct4xxp

And I mean that in the strictest Xzibit-sense of the word.

Matt Fredrickson’s been putting a lot of work into the multi-port digital card driver. That’d be the following cards:

TE420 , TE410 , TE405 , TE220 , TE210 , TE205 and of course the bundled versions of those cards (TE412/407/212/207).

These performance improvements result in reduced system load, decreased call setup / teardown times, and…we’ve also seen enough improvement that we’re comfortable enabling the hardware-based DTMF support on the VPMOCT128 and VPMOCT064, formerly the VPM450M, modules. So, for everyone that’s been using the relaxdtmf option, check out the latest … Continued

What was I thinking?

This is the second most frequently asked question I have received since agreeing to leave a perfectly wonderful job as president of a large, publicly-held, well-established, and successful supplier of networking and communications equipment to lead the team here at Digium. The question comes in many different forms, some direct and some in a round-about fashion, and most often comes from someone that is, well, lets just say, more my age than is the prototypical Digium employee. After all, why would someone give up the big corner office with a great view on the top floor with the cherry desk … Continued

Stop Calling, I’m trying to listen to Music

Okay, this is sort of product related, but it’s also a bit on the fun side.

(this posting inspired by the shoutout Russell gave me on the commit list, detailed in this comment)

I like to listen to music, a lot (frequently), and a lot (quantity) of it.  I even started a Last.fm group that’s populated with some other Digium-ites including Josh Colp, Jason Parker, Russell Bryant, Matt Robinson, Mr. Kevin P. Fleming, and more.  Apparently our favorite artists right now are The Doors, Tool, The Cranberries and Kansas.  Myself, I’m apparently really into Peter Gabriel, Hed Kandi, George … Continued