UC Solutions for Aging Patients Who Hate Auto Attendants

In the 1970s, answering machines were all the rage. We bought one for my grandparents so we could leave messages if they were at the river, on their boat or fishing.  By the 1980s, they were getting up in age. Operating the new speaker mode on the answering machine, without cutting me off, had really complicated things for them. For all the technological changes they experienced with telephony, the one they struggled with the most was the evolution of voice prompting systems, which predated the auto attendants we use, today. It turns out, my grandparents were not alone – and this … Continued

Asterisk Live: Call Recording Solutions with OrecX

See OrecX with Asterisk Live on Asterisk.orgIn this episode of Asterisk Live, Bruce Kaskey, COO of OrecX joins the call to discuss voice recording with Asterisk. Bruce notes with some dry humor, “We are not a vacuum cleaning company.” OrecX, which stands for “Open Recording Systems,” provides both open source and commercial versions of their call recording and voice data software. Their solutions work in tandem with Asterisk to do passive, SPAN-based calling recording. This offloads the CPU of your Asterisk PBX allowing it to be able to handle more simultaneous call load. Additionally, OrecX provides data solutions that allow for screen capture recording. SMB Contact Continued

Asterisk, Heartbleed, and You

Olle E. Johansson, CEO Edvina AB and Matt Jordan, Engineering Manager for the Open Source Software team at Digium discuss the Heartbleed vunerability in Asterisk.

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in the ubiquitous OpenSSL library. This bug, dubbed “Heartbleed”, allows unauthenticated attackers to discover and steal TLS/SSL protected information from vulnerable clients and servers. As the primary means of protecting information is typically performed using OpenSSL, the severity of this vulnerability cannot be underestimated.

Asterisk uses OpenSSL to encrypt signaling communication in many of its channel drivers, dialplan applications, and core functionality. This includes SIP and XMPP channel drivers, … Continued

Asterisk in the Call Center: New Report

We are pleased to welcome guest blogger Lorenzo Emilitri, the founder of Loway, a Swiss company that powers thousands of call-centers worldwide. Lorenzo’s background is in data modelling and he previously worked for a well-known international consulting firm. Lorenzo started using Asterisk in 2003 – and never looked back!

How good is Asterisk as a contact center?

There are some white papers from different vendors explaining the benefits of their specific solutions. The real question of how good the Asterisk platform itself is – or the perceptions its users have when running call-centers out of it – is often left … Continued

Switchvox for Education: Google Hangout with Casper College

It’s no secret that educational institutions face challenging and unique problems everyday.  Some of the top challenges facing administrators of K-12 schools and universities include: campus safety; managing large numbers of students, faculty, and staff; overseeing large, spread out campuses; and fostering positive parent/teacher and student relations. Communications is certainly at the center of these challenges. So, it’s probably not a surprise that the most important tool to managing successful communications is a modern Unified Communications system, such as Switchvox. To help educators understand how to this type of tool can work on their campus, we recently launched a new … Continued