Healthcare Providers Benefit from UC with Switchvox Phone System

Medical Records & Stethoscope

Healthcare professionals are constantly on the move, requiring communication tools that provide instant access to vital information and quick access to colleagues and patient care teams. Unified communications (UC) helps provide a seamless connection between patients, doctors and administration with features such as: Chat, Presence, Call Control, Integrated voice mail, e-mail and fax. Healthcare providers can manage how they communicate using software on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Cullman Primary Care is a healthcare provider that discovered the benefits and flexibility offered by the right UC solution.

Cullman Primary Care consists of multiple, community-oriented patient care centers and doctors … Continued

Business Continuity: Maintaining Customer Service During a Disaster


Good customer service means making it as easy as possible for customers to do business with you, despite any challenges you may be facing. One of the biggest operational challenges Digium faced was following the 2011 tornado outbreak across the Southeastern US. Five years ago today, on April 27, 2011, 60 tornadoes touched ground across Alabama alone – home to Digium headquarters. The aftermath included hundreds of lives lost, thousands injured, and 43 Alabama counties were declared as Federal Disaster Areas. Over 120,000 businesses across the state were impacted by the storms – Digium being one of them. Like many Continued

Resellers: Building Your Customer Base

For most small to medium- sized businesses (SMBs), the continuous search for new customers is essential to meet or exceed growth targets. As a reseller, the extent of available prospecting options for your business is often influenced by the size of the organization, and whether there are dedicated resources for new customer acquisition. Larger organizations typically have the human capital and the budget to invest in multiple avenues for finding new customers. Regardless of company size, one factor is particularly applicable to all organizations.

It’s extremely important for any business owner to understand and properly manage customer acquisition costs. For … Continued

An Earth Day Discussion: Is Moving to the Cloud Better for the Environment?

is cloud better for the enviornment?

Happy Earth Day!

All of us at Digium are committed to decreasing our carbon footprint, both through internal initiatives and through the products and services we offer our customers. As a company, our effort to be green extends from the way we recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum to the way our office is designed (here is an overview of Digium’s sustainability efforts). The green initiatives we adopted into our product design and our equipment recycling practices are in an effort to help our customers go green as well. Awareness holidays such as Earth Day provide us one more … Continued

Supporting Ecuador Water Relief: Home of Elastix Hit by Earthquake

Equador Water Relief Effort Elastix Digium


The country of Ecuador is held in special affection by the Asterisk Community, as it is the home of Elastix – the popular Asterisk-based distribution that has been a blessing to so many, but especially in Latin America. Today, Elastix needs the support of the international community as part of a special effort to help Ecuador, following a devastating natural disaster.

Last Saturday, April 16th, 2016, the coastal region of Ecuador was struck by a massive 7.8 earthquake. There are many families affected and the devastation is widespread. The most affected areas include the provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas. … Continued