Being a Senior Software Engineer at Digium: Meet Ashley Sanders

As part of our ongoing series, Get to Know Digium: Employee Spotlight, we ask employees to share with readers about their roles inside the company as Digiumites (our name for team members), as well as their life and interests outside of Digium. Meet one of our Senior Software Engineers, Ashley Sanders.




Briefly describe your education and career prior to joining Digium.

While I have had a long and diverse career that has included working on projects such as software to automate paper check processing for financial institutions, software to help expedite the long and tedious process of … Continued

Power of UC: Your Phone System and The Marketing Machine

200020650-001The features and benefits that Unified Communications (UC) systems are bringing to companies are truly making a positive impact on real-world business challenges. Though many of us have heard the names of these features, and maybe a description of what they do, it’s sometimes difficult to picture exactly how these features will help your company make or save money. It’s great to know that UC systems, like Switchvox, have mobile applications and give you call control outside the office, or that they have IVRs (interactive voice responses) to allow you to automate call flows, but… What does all that … Continued

Keith Casey, APIs and AstriCon!

What can you say about Keith Casey that has not already been said?
Probably quite a lot – but that’s not why I’m here…

No, I’m here to tell you that Keith will be at AstriCon 2015 in Orlando, Florida (October 13-15). He is speaking about APIs during his talk, aptly entitled, ‘Building your API Utility Belt.’

Keith’s first visit to AstriCon occurred in Las Vegas; and his brief but memorable time on last year’s AstriCon speaking circuit left quite an impression. The now legendary talk, ’12 Reasons your API sucks!’ established Keith as a credible player and a crowd … Continued

Top 4 Reasons to Attend AstriCon 2015

Two months from now, Asterisk developers, contributors, and enthusiasts from around the world will make their pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida, to attend the 12th Annual AstriCon event.

What makes Astricon so compelling? AstriCon is the longest-running event devoted to all-things Asterisk, one of the most influential open source telecommunications projects. AstriCon is full of the brightest minds in the Asterisk community. Attendees will learn about trends in Asterisk use, the growing Asterisk ecosystem, the newest applications and a wide range of technical topics from Asterisk developers, users and entrepreneurs.

Here are a few reasons why you should join us … Continued

Going Mobile: Digium’s Respoke Launches iOS and Android SDKs

Since Digium launched the Respoke real-time communications (WebRTC) platform last fall, thousands have signed up for an account to quickly add live communications features to web applications. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended the same possibilities to mobile developers with the launch of our software development kits (SDKs) for iOS and Android. The Respoke mobile SDKs make it incredibly easy to incorporate live audio and video calling, instant messaging, and presence into native applications. We’ve also made some key changes and additions to the Respoke platform to optimize the mobile user experience.

Until now, building in-app communications Continued