Bye-bye AstriCon – Hello Asterisk World

By David Duffett

Join Us at Asterisk World 2017 Ft. Lauderdale, February 14-16 It was only last month we all enjoyed a wonderful AstriCon in Orlando, FL. The feedback about the event was [...]


A Better Appliance But Not Quite BB8

By Matthew Hilton

Meet the Switchvox E520 We’re not yet facing an intergalactic war, nor do we have Androids or humanoids living amongst us (at least not of the Star Wars caliber). So, [...]


Call Center Moves from Open Source IP PBX to Switchvox

By Michael Kienzle

When you’re one of the leading companies supplying products to apartment complexes and multi-family housing builders across the midwest and southeast, you need an efficient call center.  This is especially [...]


3 Basic Phone Answering Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

By Mike Taylor

Did you know that the way you answer your phone can actually help or hurt your business? That’s right. The way you answer your phone serves as your business’s first [...]


Evaluating Touchscreen IP Phones: Digium’s D80 Gets Approval

By Matthew Hilton

Since introducing our Digium D80 touchscreen IP phone earlier this year, the product has received plenty of accolades from customers, as well as industry experts. In addition to the sleek, [...]


Auto-Attendants Shouldn’t Be Villains to Your Customers

By Matthew Hilton

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Automated Attendants (auto-attendants) are often times a very confusing and frustrating feature for both phone system administrators and callers alike.  In theory, they’re supposed to [...]

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