The Need for Scalability: Seasonal and Growing Businesses Value the Cloud


Scalability of a business, according to is a “characteristic of a system, model or function that describes its capability to cope and perform under an increased or expanding workload.” Simply put, a business that is scalable has the ability to ramp up production of a product or service without impacting the contribution margin. One way to scale your business is to transfer your communications to the Cloud, which allows you to scale quickly while driving greater operational efficiency.

Scalability of the Cloud

Seasonal Businesses:

Scalability is an important need for some businesses because of the way the industry is set up or … Continued

Tips for Reducing On-Hold Times and Customer Frustration in Call Centers

Did you know that the average person will spend 1.2 years on hold? That’s a lot of waiting. According to the Small Business Chronicle, after an average of one minute and 55 seconds of hold time, most callers hang up- and 34% of those callers won’t call back. In today’s technology-driven world, information is available instantly, so when situations arise in which information is slow to access or confusing, the customer experience is diminished. This balancing act of providing information quickly and keeping the customer happy is something that call centers across the world deal with on a … Continued

Consolidated IT Services: The Rise of the Strategic Service Provider

Consolidated IT

When small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) shop for partners to help with their technology needs, they want expertise, dependability, trust, convenience, and one-stop shopping. In the past, technology solutions utilized by SMB customers often came together by accessing a collection of multiple companies (or partners) specializing in specific areas. One partner would typically handle the data infrastructure, another the telecommunications, and another the desktops and laptops, etc. Several IT partners were needed to support all technology needs of a business. Today, IT services are easily consolidated and provided by fewer partners. With this consolidation of services, some channel industry experts … Continued

Why is Video Underutilized in Business Communications?

54654514_thumbnailAs a big movie buff, especially as a kid, I enjoyed so many of the classic 80’s movies that gave us glimpses into the future and the fantasies of what we could expect the world to be like. Of all the cool technology displayed in so many of those movies (like Back to the Future, for example), I remember being in awe of video calls.  Instead of audio phone calls, everyone in “the future” communicated over video and it seemed great.  Not only could you get your message across from the words you chose, you could also show body language … Continued

Enabling Situation-Appropriate Communications with UC

PrintThe proposition that phone calls (especially from desk phones) are no longer a preferred means of communication in the business world is not a new one. As communication options and technology evolve it’s natural to question the usefulness of more traditional modes of communication.

This morning I read an article titled, “5 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Answering Your Phone Call,” by Ryan Jenkins. The article points out all the ways in which phone calls are bothersome to the millennial generation, and suggests older generations send text messages instead.

While I agree that phone calls can sometimes be distracting, … Continued